Nourish the BRAIN,
Stimulate the AUDITORY,
Release the VOICE.

Are you looking for a roadmap to help your child? Do you find that creating a team for your child is difficult when so many agencies exist with so many different therapies?

Well so did we! We are both parents AND professionals working in this
field. So we collaborated to turn three practices into one.

Nourish Communication is an integrated program for children aged 3-18 with learning challenges and special needs, serving communities in BC. Nourish Communication targets the foundations of learning in this way:

1. Nutrition/CHA – for brain health and maximal potential
2. Auditory – to integrate and re-educate the auditory/vocal loop
3. Speech/Language – to support speech and language development once foundational needs are strengthened

With this individualized, three-pronged plan, you are providing your child with the best opportunity to reach their full potential!

This program is born out of our collective experiences as a Nutritionist, Speech Language Pathologist and a Level 4 Tomatis® Listening Therapy Expert.

Services will be provided as building blocks as optimally as possible for each child as follows

Holistic Nutrition

Your child will benefit initially from a holistic nutrition and therapeutic supplement program tailored specifically by Nourish Me Nutrition. It will consist of any easy to follow meal plan and incorporate essential nutritional pillars to create an optimal foundation for learning for each child.

Tomatis® Listening Program

Once your child’s nutritional health plan is finalized and implemented, they will begin the Tomatis® Listening Program. The Tomatis® Method has proven to improve motor, emotional and cognitive abilities through music and language. An initial assessment will take place to identify the neural connections to be strengthened and expectations will be set regarding your child’s listening journey. The goal is to educate and re-educate the Auditory Vocal Loop.

Speech Language Therapy

Once the nutrition and auditory programs are up and running, your child will begin speech language therapy sessions with a registered Speech Language Pathologist from Vancouver Language Therapy 4 Kids. Each program will be based on an intake assessment and will offer a hands-on, visual learning experience to promote optimal speech and language development.

The time frame expected to incorporate these three modalities to their optimum will be between 6 and 12 months.

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